FabLab Design AS is a creative interior design studio that works with private homes, businesses and public institutions.

We create functional, inspirational and distinctive solutions based on our clients individual needs. Design solutions require strong strategic fundamentals, good communication in the idea phase and control of all stages of the construction process until completion. We offer safe, affordable and effective delivery of design and construction services. We have particular expertise in custom interiors, furniture design and artistic decoration.

“Hun bestemte hvor skapet skulle stå.
Så ombestemte hun seg og ville ha et walk in closet.
Halveis ferdig ble det et bad isteden. Da måtte vi rive soveromsveggen.
Og da ble det så fint lys på kjøkkenet… så nå skal skapet stå der!”

How we work:

Mapping and analysis of needs

All FabLab Design´s interior solutions start with collecting evidence and insights about how people are using interior space to accomplish their most important tasks. We immerse ourselves in how the business works today and how it needs to evolve to meet future needs. Through employee surveys, stakeholder workshops and the creation of plan drawings, we document the needs of individuals and teams. We analyse what is needed for individual workspaces, and common areas such as kitchens, canteens, reception and meeting areas. We work closely with our clients during this process, creating visual documents which can be used to select materials, colours, layouts as well as solutions for heating, lighting, acoustics and digital equipment such as displays and workstations. We help guide our clients to optimal solutions for their budget, which save money and deliver an end product for the location which motivates employees and impresses visitors.

Design services

We base our design solutions on the insights gained in the mapping and analysis phase. We visualise ideas through sketches, 3D drawings and technical building plans. In this way we can provide realistic pictures and mockups of how the space will be designed before committing to purchasing materials or beginning structural remodelling. Our choices are guided not simply by visual aesthetics but by a practical approach to solving a range of ergonomic challenges within our client´s financial budgets, project deadlines, and other considerations.

Furniture is a highly visual element in the workplace. Based on our activity-based designs, we choose and customise furniture that reflect your brand, your organisational aspirations, and the needs of your employees. Whether it’s creating social areas for meetings that promote energy and communication, or personal spaces for focused work we strive to create the ideal balance between functionality and visually engaging designs.

Project management and delivery

When there is agreement on a design concept is where the real work starts. Mutliple activities, usually in parallel need to be managed efficiently so that the project runs smoothly. Our production team manage suppliers and contractors ensuring the right people are on site in the right order, so minimizing stress, down time and improving efficiency. Our project management approach is rigid when needed but flexible enough to adapt to changes in schedule or when a part of the solution needs to be adapted. As project managers we commuicate, plan, negotiate, organize, motivate, troubleshoot and manage the details. To make sure the project finishes on-time and on-budget.

Siv Amundsen-Lack

Siv brings a range of disciplines to her work as an interior designer. Fablab Design started in London in 2001 and delivers innovative interior solutions based on a people centred design philosophy. Methods and processes include activity-based design, applied communications theory and interior design psychology. Siv is committed to using design to create harmony and to stimulate creativity and productivity. Her activity-based planning ensures that the design solutions take into account the architecture, materials and colours and the living space and quality of life. This is given as much emphasis as the purely aesthetic. The interior can be an active personal space where we incubate our wishes and needs. It can also contribute to positive change processes by symbolizing our intention to create the life we want. Interior Design is good for both our eyes and our souls.


Siv Amundsen-Lack is trained in graphic design, marketing and finance. She has worked as an Art Director in international advertising agencies and started Headline Advertising Agency in 1990. She moved to London in 1998, specializing in areas where interior design and interior psychology meets. Based on this interest she studied modern Feng Shui for Business, and started Spaced Environmental Design Consultancy Ltd. in 2000. Later changed its name to FabLab Design in 2001. After 10 years in London, she is established in Oslo with her family. Siv is a writer and consultant for the Institute for Color and Interior, IFI. www.ifi.no
She is also an editorial advisor and columnist for the Norwegian interiors magazine BoligPluss. www.boligpluss.no


Feng Shui Academy London
Accredited Consultant FSSA ,The Feng Shui Society London
2001 – 2002

St. Martin’s College. MA, Fine Art
1999 – 2000

NLP Master Practitioner, MindToo, Oslo
1988 – 1999

Markedshøyskolen. MSc, Marketing & Economics
1986 – 1987

Westerdals Reklameskole. BA Hons, Commercial Design
1982 – 1985

Thea Borling

Thea Borling har IT utdannelse fra Den Polytekniske Høgskolen. Hun har mange års erfaring fra IT bransjen, der hun har opparbeidet meget god kompetanse på prosjektstyring.

Thea har alltid hatt en stor interesse for møbeldesign og det har ført til jobbkombinasjonen teknologi og interiørdesign. I FabLab Design jobber Thea som prosjektleder og designer. Thea har allsidig erfaring fra import og salg av designmøbler, og hun har god produkt- og leverandørkompetanse.  Thea er ansvarlig for å styre firmaets mange spennende og varierte oppgaver.  Hun jobber kontinuerlig med å perfeksjonere FabLabs rutiner, og har utarbeidet grundige analyseverktøy som brukes i de innledende fasene av alle firmaets designprosjekter.

I tillegg til å interessen for interiør og design, er Thea veldig glad i god mat og god vin og har utdannet seg til å bli sommelier. Thea har alltid mange spennende prosjekter på gang, og har stor tro på å kombinere alle interessefelt for å skape kreative nye vinklinger.