FENG SHUI – interiørpsykologi

What defines a successful work or home interior?

How can design processes create interiors that promote well-being, are environmentally healthy, and which increase productivity and creativity?


Everything we take in through our senses affects us. We react not only to visual stimuli. There are several elements in our everyday environments that trigger changes in our state of mind and energy levels. FabLab Design create design solutions that promote happiness, productivity and harmony.

emf -el strålingInterior Psychology seeks to analyse how interior spaces affect us, and how to apply colours, spaces, textures, shapes and lighting to improve people´s emotional experience of the spaces we live and work in.

Fablab Design strive to create positive living and working environments. We combine knowledge of Feng Shui and interior psychology when we plan, design and furnish offices, institutions and private homes. Different environments and work functions are mapped and analyzed. These include room layouts, connecting spaces, natural light levels, compass directions, shapes and materials, energy and movement, electrical equipment, the positioning of drainage and sewage, ceilings, beams and corridors. We also analyse the location of your building in its immediate neighborhood, the type of visual artworks in the space, their colors and symbolism. In Feng Shui, each of these elements plays an important role.

We aim to improve the environment through good design and at the same time actively influence the environment in a positive way that creates prosperity. A house will give us peaceful, harmonious energy and flow, while a shop requires more stimulating energy to promote sales. An office full of creative workers may be tuned for creativity and communication. Whilst manufacturing companies can be stimulated to optimise production and innovation.

Our homes are not just a place we stay when we’re not at work. A home says a lot about the life we live, and reflects our interests, personality, beliefs and passions. Feng Shui in the home is used to achieve greater prosperity and better health. It can catalyze or enhance relationships, careers, wealth, well-being and not least help with internal communications between family members..