Why we design

At FabLab we believe in design that makes interior (and sometimes exterior) spaces more usable, more interesting and which make people feel better about living and working in them. Its a privilege to work as a designer, and I have been one for my entire career. What design really does is solves people´s problems, and that is incredibly rewarding.

Thats why we spend time meeting, talking with and asking questions of the people who live and work in the spaces we get involved with. We need to make sure we are solving the right problem, and to do that we need to understand how people want to use the space, and what emotional relationship they have with it.

As designers, we tend to see the world a little bit differently from other people. We can find inspiration and ideas in almost everything, and we can see the potential in rooms and spaces that is being held back by poor building layout, poor access to natural light or colours and textures which depress rather than excite and energise.

Designers are part of a global community of people who tend to understand each other because we process the world around us in similar, but unique ways. We are united by a desire to think about and deliver solutions that match beauty with usability. All of the most innovative creations have been the result of designers using practical skills to solve real world challenges.

Designs for living spaces are what inspire us every day.